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Take Dilemma out of Dinner

For most, Honey, what's for dinner tonight is a dreaded question.  We have the answer. Prepared meals to go. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will be preparing freshly created dinners, complete with salad, entree and dessert. Our menu for the week is available in our Entree by Day/Date section. 

Review the offerings. 

Order by 2:00. Pick up by 6:


Ordering is Easy

Too busy to cook? Too tired to clean up?

 Did your meal in the mail survive the heat? 

Hate the question? 

 Call the Station... 530-460-9444

Our rustic California cuisine is a fresh healthy alternative to today's  dining options .

Review our menu. Order online or call your order in by 2:00. Pick up by 6:00. Unlimited Parking...


Pick up @ The Station

Whether Chicken Kiev, Beef Bourguinion, 

Asparagus Quiche, or Penne with Meatballs, our entrees are created with our health conscious community in mind. 

We source locally. The Fruit Dude, Early Bird Farms, and Wingfield Honey are some of pour prized vendors.

Pick up by 6:00